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always keep your focus on the outcome you desire and then push your mind and body to the limits it takes to reach it

It's one thing to say you are a bodybuilder, it's another to say you are successful at it. It doesn't take much to speak the words but it does take about 5 specific facts that will prove you are doing something to truly show you are what you say you are. When it comes to bodybuilding, this is what determines success:

FAILURE: At first glance, you may not think that this is something positive but it absolutely can be based on how you view it. Regardless of what you do, you will come upon disappointment at some point along the way. It can be disappointment in yourself, in circumstances, or even in others around you. Here is the test; view failure as an opportunity to learn something new. Simply make the appropriate adjustments and try again. Failure is not permanent, it's merely a temporary setback. When handled with grace and dignity, it makes you stronger which causes you to grow.

FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM: When you encounter a problem, it's almost an immediate response to focus on what's wrong instead of focusing your attention on how to solve it. For example, a problem could be an injury. When you injure yourself, automatically, you may begin to feel as if you are down for the count. Not necessarily though. Bodybuilding is both a physical and psychological journey. Therefore, you find ways around the "problem" and aggressively seek a plan that will allow you to do what's necessary to achieve your fitness goals. In order to accomplish your goals, you must be consistent, even if you have to find new ways to get there. You will still reach your destination, as long as you are dedicated to getting there, even if it takes a little longer.

STAYING POSITIVE AND INSTILLING FIRM BELIEF: Your thoughts carry so much power. In fact, what you believe can often lead to what you come to know as your reality. Simply put, what you focus on is what you draw in. Limitations and obstacles often begin in the mind. This is why you must guard your mind of negative influences and thoughts that limit your beliefs and choose to focus on the positives and develop a firm belief in what you want and not what you fear.

DISCIPLINE AND CONSISTENCY: To be successful, outside of the mental aspects, bodybuilders must discipline themselves to schedule their workouts, meals, and rest, regardless of whatever else they have going on in their everyday lives. The discipline itself creates consistency and when followed in schedule form, it works. Many consider this as selfish; however, if you are bodybuilding, the attention you must place on the body is as important as the attention you place on any other necessity you have in life. Bodybuilding is a sacrificial goal and it has its costs but it is worth every penny when you're determined to follow through.

DETERMINATION: Bodybuilders must have unbreakable determination. This means that nothing can get in the way if you are hell bent on achieving the success you are fighting for. If you can get through the 4 facts above, then you are well on your way to bodybuilding success.

Bodybuilding is much like life. There are rules you must follow in order to stay ahead of the game. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's gravy. However, the difference is in how you choose to tackle each and every aspect of what's thrown before you. It's a journey worth its "weight" when you aim for its success and find yourself achieving all it has to offer!

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